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Are graphics cards raised a standard height? (1 post)

  • Profile picture of kick89 kick89 said 6 years, 7 months ago:

    I most likely will upgrade my graphics card sometime in the future but there is a slight problem. Although my case is large-ish and can fit a normal sized card I am not sure if it will fit on my motherboard. My current Radeon 5450 is in a PCIE x16 slot and whilst any PCIE x16 card will fit in the slot I am not sure if it will fit on top of the motherboard due to there being a transistor that sticks up a bit a few centimetres from the end of the PCIE slot.

    So I was thinking, surely all cards are raised from the motherboard by a standard height? Say for example, a PCIE x16 slot was 2cm deep, so all PCIE x16 cards would have a connector that is 2cm deep. Would this mean then that all cards will at least be raised 2cm from the motherboard? Because at the moment my current card sits above the transistor with a few millimetres to spare but if my new card had less room between itself and the motherboard then I’m not if it would sit without the transistor obstructing it.

    I may not have explained this well and it may sound extremely confusing. I will try to upload a picture showing the transistor that may cause the problem.