• Alex ‘Martin’ Kay posted an update in the group Group logo of inMotion inSiderinMotion inSider 10 years, 8 months ago

    Greetings Mates, I am back from the dead with some ‘juicy’ news for you!
    Have you seen or heard anything about the up coming Zombie Survival MMO? The War Z …Wow! What a powerful impact that is going to have on us “Zombie Hunting Brain Smashing Fanatics!” or ZHBSF from here on in!

    • A persistent online world full of zombie horror and survival tactics……goodbye, social life

      • Finally…. I have to say… A good idea for a Zombie game. From my understanding Dayz is much like this (No affiliation to TWZ) however, this game was made to be overrun by zombies where as Dayz modded them in to an already glitched system. ahh…. Thank you Dayz for making the gravel so The War Z could pave the road!

    • Welcome back Martin! It’s good to have you back again mate… and thanks for the update!