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Off the Wall

LucasArts Logo

A Farewell to LucasArts

inMotion Gaming presents a fond look back at some of LucasArts' most memorable games as the legendary studio closes its doors for the last time. Read On

Burnout Revenge

Dude, Where’s My Sequel?

A list of games we've been waiting for and what developers could do with them using today's video game technology to make them epic. Read On

Army of Two

Top Five Co-Op Games

inMotion Gaming examines the five best games to play with others. Be sure to let us know how our list stacks up against yours! Read On

Major League Gaming Expo

Playing for Keeps: The Rise of Professional Gaming

inMotion Gaming presents a compelling look into turning gaming into a viable profession. Featuring an interview with Sacriel, of YouTube fame. Read On

GTA 3 Screenshot

Open World Gaming

Join us for a look into and discussion of the Open World sub-genre of video games. Several AAA titles are examined, including Skyrim and World of Warcraft. Read On

Kingdom Hearts Series All Heroes2

Kingdom Hearts Re: Cap – Part 7

The seventh and final article of inMotion Gaming's Re: Cap series. In this episode, we look at Kingdom Hearts 3D, and predict what wonders KH III will bring! Read On

Banjo-Kazooie Flying

Banjo-Kazooie: Rare’s Last Roar

Using the classic gem Banjo-Kazooie as a reference point, this article looks back at what was lost when gaming transitioned from cartridges to compact discs. Read On

Rayman 2 Rocket

Reminiscence: The Limbless Legend

A nostalgic look back at the games that made us who we are today. In this installment, our writer Jonathan Gipson fondly remembers Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Read On

Kingdom Hearts: coded Shocked

Kingdom Hearts Re: Cap – Part 6

The sixth episode of iMG's seven-part retelling of the Kingdom Hearts saga. This time, we look at Kingdom Hearts: coded and Blank Points, the epilogue to BBS. Read On

Kingdom Hearts II The Lette

Kingdom Hearts Re: Cap – Part 5

The fifth episode of inMotion Gaming's retelling of the Kingdom Hearts saga. This article covers Kingdom Hearts II, oft considered one of the PS2's best games. Read On

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