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Theatrythm Final Fantasy

Theatrythm Final Fantasy Preview

Square Enix's latest addition to the Final Fantasy series, Theatrythm Final Fant...

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard Preview

A preview of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard, Bethesda’s massive new DLC.

Bowser Super Mario Series Villain

Top 5 Video Game Villains

Video game developers have a knack for creating funny, entertaining and awesome ...

Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper - Walking Dead

Mass Effect 3 Wallpapers

A collection of awesome free high resolution Mass Effect 3 Wallpapers for you to...

Diablo III Wallpaper

Diablo III Preview: What We Know

Since Diablo III was announced, the gaming world was set ablaze with joy, antici...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Most Popular Game Release in History

A brilliant infographic detailing the incredible success of Call of Duty: Modern...

Tactical Intervention Image

Tactical Intervention First Look Preview

First Look video preview of Tactical Intervention, one of our most anticipated g...

Tactical Intervention Closed-Beta Invitation

Tactical Intervention Closed-Beta Invitation

We are giving away 250 Closed-Beta invitations for Tactical Intervention!

Clones PC Game Logo

Clones First Look Preview

First look gameplay video of Tomkorp’s single and multiplayer puzzle game, Clone...

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Master Hacker

Master Hacker

With each game, 4 colors are randomly picked and you need to guess what those 4 ...



Harness the power of physics and tactics to clear the screen of all the monochro...

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