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Master Hacker


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Master Hacker | Free Flash GameMaster Hacker - Flash Game Image

Master Hacker is a very cool strategy game. With each game 4 colors are randomly picked and you need to guess what those 4 colors are, and in which position they are located.
You have a total of 6 colors to choose from and you need to place 4 colors in each row, then click the next button. The game will then tell you how many colors you got right, how many are in the correct position and how many are in the wrong position, but are the right color.

Game Instructions

Choose 1 color out of 6 options, and fill each of the black stroked circles with a different color, then press the play circle.

You will find more instructions inside the flash game. Good luck, and have FUN!

PS: Don’t forget to rate this game, and tell us what you scored, or share your tips and tricks in the comments below. We love hearing from you!





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